APPLICANT: Tinnerman

(Stonewalled By DOE)

In 2009, ARaymond North America* acquired the American company Tinnerman Palnut Engineered Products. This was an important step which enabled ARaymond** to consolidate its presence in North America and launch a range of metal and plastic products, which respectively represent 60% and 40% of its output.

ARaymond North America* employs more than 700 people at its five plants:  Rochester Hills (Michigan), Flemingsburg (Kentucky), Logansport (Indiana), Brunswick (Ohio) and Hamilton in Canada. The company also has a presence in Mexico through a manufacturing partner based in Monterrey.
The company’s head office is based in the Rochester Hills suburb of Detroit, the automotive capital of the world. This strategic location, as close as possible to the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers), enables the company to forge close links with its partners.

ARaymond North America is primarily positioned on the North American market (Canada, United States, Mexico) although a proportion of its output is exported to other parts of the world.

* ARaymond, ARaymond North America mean A. RAYMOND CORPORATE NORTH AMERICA, Inc. – Registered N°: 02661M – Rochester Hills, Michigan (USA)
** Cf. legal terms


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