Imara Corporation

APPLICANT: Imara Corporation

Imara Launches High-Power Lithium-Ion Battery Cell

The company’s batteries deliver a unique combination of power, energy, cycle life and safety.

MENLO PARK, Calif., — Imara Corporation, a manufacturer of high-performance next-generation lithium-ion batteries, today announced that its high-power cells are now available. Imara is providing battery cells to customers in the power tool, outdoor power equipment and transportation markets.

Imara’s patented technology breaks through conventional battery technology barriers that require a trade off between fast power discharge and high energy density for extended run time. The company’s batteries deliver a unique combination of power, energy, cycle life and safety compared to today’s commercially available high-power cells. This translates to more holes drilled by a power tool, more grass mowed by a lawn mower and more miles driven by a vehicle, while significantly reducing warranty costs for manufacturers and battery replacement costs for end-users.

Imara’s technology enables a new class of “green” applications. An hour of use of a typical 4-stroke gas-powered lawnmower replaced with Imara battery power eliminates the emissions equivalent to 11 SUV’s driving on the highway for an hour. Replacing one two-stroke weed-whacker or leaf blower with Imara battery power is equivalent to taking 17 SUV’s off the road.

“Historically, few domestic battery companies have been able to move from the R&D lab to commercialization. Imara now joins the ranks of the limited number of companies able to cross the chasm into production,” said Imara Corporation CEO & Founder, Jeff Depew.

Imara was recently named one of the three lithium-ion battery companies in the Global Cleantech 100 by Guardian News and Media and Cleantech Group(TM), LLC (alongside A123 and Boston-Power). The Global Cleantech 100 highlights the most commercially promising private clean-technology companies around the world. The list recognizes companies that tackle some of the world’s most pressing environmental challenges with the most advanced clean technology innovations.

About Imara Corporation

Launched in Menlo Park, California in 2006, Imara Corporation’s mission is to provide superior energy storage solutions and accelerate the adoption of alternative energy sources. The company will achieve this through the research, development and manufacturing of high-power, high-energy lithium-ion batteries for power tools, outdoor power equipment, hybrid electric vehicles, specialty applications and power grid systems. Imara’s products are based on patented materials science technology and designed to deliver a better performance to weight ratio than traditional lithium-ion batteries. Imara’s batteries are also safer for the environment, from cradle to grave, than available alternatives. Imara is funded by Battery Ventures and Nth Power, leading venture firms investing in the clean-technology sector. “Imara” is the Swahili word for “strength, power and endurance.” For more information, visit


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