APPLICANT: WrightSpeed

(Stone-walled by DOE)

Wrightspeed is an electric vehicle powertrain company, based in Silicon Valley and founded by Ian Wright .

The kit includes controls, 200 kW inverter, electric motors, gear box with clutch-less shifting, battery pack, battery management system, and LCD user interface.



The Wrightspeed Route is a plug and play repower kit for commercial trucks. It is high-power medium-duty vehicle powertrain that uses electric drive with an onboard power station for efficiency + range, a series hybrid retrofit kit for trucks.

Medium-duty trucks in the US are defined as vehicles with gross vehicle weights of 4,536-11,793 kg (10,001-26,000 lbs).


The main client is FedEx.[1]

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  1. From Wrightspeed, the jet-powered delivery truck, BBC.

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