Facebook Caught Censoring Conservatives Even After Zuckerberg Meeting!

Facebook Censors Conservative Lauren Southern for Mentioning Censorship AFTER Fake Zuckerberg Meeting With Conservatives



By Louise Mensch


We wish this wasn’t true – but it looks like Mark Zuckerberg’s message hasn’t got through to Facebook’s employees. Conservative activist and Donald Trump supporter Lauren Southern was just kicked off the site for a totally inoffensive post noting its censorship of another conservative.


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And what’s more, Lauren videotaped the whole thing.


Uh oh. For those of you who don’t know this screen means you’re in shit with the Zuck.


Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern) May 21, 2016


But maybe Lauren posted something offensive? Er…. nope







Holy shit.


Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern) May 21, 2016


Conservative media chiefs were not happy:


No. Can’t be. Mark Zuckerberg said so.


Ezra Levant (@ezralevant) May 21, 2016


Lauren detailed the length of her punishment:


I’m banned on @facebook for a month for saying Facebook is censoring conservatives.


Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern) May 21, 2016





Liberals on Twitter accused Lauren of lying, but apologized when she showed them video:







Lauren, however, had the perfect reply:


Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern) May 21, 2016


to his credit, Scahill did apologize:




@rolandscahill lol just try to put that being “logical” to better use next time fam ~


Lauren Southern (@Lauren_Southern) May 21, 2016


And Lauren was graciousness itself. The more important question is what is Mark Zuckerberg going to do now to prove to Glenn Beck and others that he was not lying to their faces?


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