“GOOGLE IS A CRIMINAL EMPIRE” say investigators…

GOOGLE IS A CRIMINAL EMPIRE”say investigators…




Washington, DC – In this election year of leaks, hacks and whistle-blowers, indisputable evidence has come forward which proves that Google traded cash and internet experience manipulation for control of United States federal contracts, decisions, DOE “cleantech” cash give-aways, tax loop-holes and stock market advantages worth billions of dollars. The evidence includes recordings, emails and eye-witness testimony.


Even without the new evidence, escalating news stories had already begun exposing Google’s shady hand in U.S. and international government boondoggling. From filling up federal offices with its own employees to the direct exchange of goods with White House staff to running massive attacks on targeted political adversaries to buying off elected officials in order to avoid monopoly investigations; Google seems to have have no limits to what it’s crazy frat boy billionaires will try. Google had the benefit of White House staff ordering the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission to halt all investigations but the stone-walling has only served to allow Google’s audacious manipulations to become so overt and widely noticed that even those most average American is now aware of Google’s insidious ways.



Google’s Remarkably Close Relationship With the Obama …




According to an analysis of White House data, the Google lobbyist with the most White …. The Wall Street Journal noted that Google’s White House visits …… owns or controls — Civis Analytics, The Groundwork, and Tomorrow ……%5Dh-the-obama-white-house-in-two-charts/






Judicial Watch today announced that a court order was issued by Judge Emmet G. Sullivan requiring the testimony of Bryan Pagliano, the Clinton State Department IT …


Report finds hundreds of meetings between White House and Google




Google and affiliates have had meetings with the Obama White House at least 427 times. … The data, gleaned from White House meeting logs, showed that in all, 169 …. He who controls the information controls the world.…%5Deetings-between-white-house-and-google



Inside Eric Schmidt’s Lavish Sex Palace — NYMag




To be fair, nobody knows for sure exactly what goes on in Eric Schmidt’s $15 million penthouse at 31 W. 21st Street. For all we know, the ……%5Dnthouse-new-york-photos-apartment.html


Google chairman Eric Schmidt: Instagram girls, yachts and a £9.4 …




Google chairman Eric Schmidt’s penthouse, his arguments with … They’re videotaping sex, recording phone calls, taking photos with their …


Google CEO and serial womanizer Eric Schmidt spends 15 million …




Google boss Eric Schmidt has splashed out $15 million on a sprawling Manhattan penthouse in the trendy Flatiron District to be close to at least two of his female friends … Some men like multi-partner sex; so do some women.…%5Dan-penthouse-totally-soundproofed.html


News Corp CEO slams Google for greed, censorship, corruption …




In a speech at the Lowy Institute Media awards in Sydney, News Corp CEO Robert Thomson blasted Google for greed, censorship, corruption, ……%5Densorship-corruption-and-piracy-2015-8


How Corruption Cripples America’s Military | Zero Hedge




Amongst all corrupt aristocracies (and that’s every aristocracy), America’s takes the cake. The International Criminal Court will begin to have ……%5D-corruption-cripples-americas-military



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