Citizens Harmed B y Google Crony Corruption Scheme Seek To Join Together To Sue Google

Main issue:
Defendants coordinated and paid for a series of attacks on the Plaintiffs


Why did Defendants do this?


  • Tens of billions of dollars of profits were acquired by Defendants while infringing Plaintiff technologies, and Defendants sought to damage and delay Plaintiffs ability to seek recovery.

  • Defendants maliciously harmed revenue stream of Plaintiffs in order to prevent or delay legal action by Plaintiffs in order to seek to expire statute of limitations. Causes of action continue to this day and Plaintiffs only recently discovered much of the inside information via law enforcement and federal investigators.

  • Defendants’ founders personally solicited and copied CEO business ventures and technologies andwanted to harm Plaintiffs’ brand in order to mitigate discovery of that fact.

  • Plaintiffs testified for federal law enforcement against Defendants and Defendants sought to engage in retribution for Plaintiffs’ testimony.In previous related cases, Plaintiffs won historical national legal precedents and overcame multi-million dollar federal litigation counter-measures by Defendants’ and their associates. Plaintiffs are the first known Americans to receive a federal court confirmation that they were victimized by “a federal program infected with corruption and cronyism”. Defendants were the “crony’s” referred to by the U.S. Courts.

  • Plaintiffs’ technologies obsoleteDefendants’ technologies and Defendants sought to damage Plaintiff as witnesses and competitors.

  • Defendants sabotaged Plaintiffs’ government contracts and circumvented and acquired Plaintiffs’ money through illicit actions. Defendants traded campaign financing, that was not properly reported, in exchange for insider contracts and stock valuation pumps.

  • Defendants covertly work together and share common stock transactions, trusts, shell companies, campaign financing, contracts, and personal relationships.

  • Defendants operate a cartel-like organization which fully meets RICO violation parameters.






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