Do-It-Yourself Anti-Corruption: How To Shut Down Dirty Politicians and Corrupt Companies From The Comfort of Your Living Room

This booklet is free. It is for anybody who wants to stand up for justice against the corrupt few who consider themselves to be “above the law”. It was written and edited in WIKI format by internet users from around the world and may not be sold or used commercially.


These are your Anti-Corruption: 101 lessons.


After reading and practicing what you learn in this book, you can move on to advanced lessons with the books and organizations listed at the end of this document.


This book will teach you how to hunt down and destroy any dirty politician or corrupt corporation without breaking a single law. As long as they have engaged in crimes and illicit unethical activities, they are “fair game” and law enforcement will even help you bring your targets down.


You have only one rule: Don’t break the law.



p class=”western” lang=”zxx” style=”line-height:150%;text-decoration:none;”>The opposition is, invariably, a big dumb corrupt entity who is slow, cumbersome and running for cover. Even if they have trillions of dollars to spend against you, they will never have your speed, creativity, motivation, the millions of consumers and voters who support your mission backing you up and the good guys in actual law enforcement. You can take down the largest corporation on Earth, the biggest politician in the world or the most powerful covert cartel ever created. You just need persistence and dedication. If they did the crime, they can always be brought down.





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