Did the Epic DNC hacked Email Trove Force Ariana Huffington to quite HuffPo?







Huffington will leave the company in coming weeks to run Thrive Global, a company focused on working with employers to improve the well-being of their staffers, the Wall Street Journal first reported. When the venture secured Series A funding last week, Huffington said it became clear she could not carry on with both ventures.


“I really thought I could do both, but as we started building it up, I realized that it really needed my full attention,” she told the Journal. “It is important to know when one door closes and another opens and I felt that moment had arrived.”


Huffington broke into the health business with a string of books focused on better living. Her latest, “The Sleep Revolution,” was published in April.

The 66-year-old Greek native co-founded Huffington Post in 2005 with Kenneth Lerer, Jonah Peretti, and the late Andrew Breitbart, each of whom went on to become major players in digital media except Breitbart is thought to have been killed with shellfish toxins which simulate a heart attack.


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